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How to specify operation and maintenance manuals

Although aimed principally at medium and large new construction projects, the basic principles are also applicable to smaller projects and existing buildings .

Operation & Maintenance Manual Requirements

Use this section to specify general requirements for the various types of operation and maintenance data required, and the form and manner in which such data is to be submitted. Specify detailed requirements describing form and content of specific items of operation and maintenance data in applicable technical sections.

  1. Intent
  2. Types of Operation and Maintenance Data
  3. Submission of Data For Master Prepared Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  4. Contractor Prepared Operation and Maintenance Manual(s)
  5. Submission of Operation and Maintenance Manual(s)

Preparation of Operation & Maintenance Manuals

There are two possible approaches in terms of who prepares the operation and maintenance manuals. This Section allows for both of the following approaches to be specified and must be edited accordingly:

  1. Contractor Responsible for Preparation of all O&M Manuals: This is the more common, traditional approach. The Contractor is responsible for collecting the required data and preparing the manuals in accordance with the specified requirements. The Consultant's role is limited to reviewing the Contractor prepared manuals for completeness and conformance to specified requirements.
  2. Consultant and Contractor Responsible for Preparation of O&M Manuals: This approach normally applies when the full Facility Start Up program is employed. It involves shared responsibility between the Contractor and Consultant. he Consultant prepares the manuals for mechanical, electrical, and possibly certain other major equipment and systems as specified, by writing portions of the manuals and coordinating and compiling Contractor submitted data for other portions of the manuals. The Contractor remains responsible for preparation of manual(s) for all other equipment and systems (eg. architectural, structural, specialties, etc.). This approach is based on the premise that as system designer, the Consultant is better able to prepare a document that explains how the major systems should be operated and maintained. Do not specify this approach unless the Prime Consultant will be compensated for the additional services which this approach entails.

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